October 9, 2020 – Acquisition of Corridor Slated to Become Phase 3 of the BFRT in Sudbury is on Sudbury’s November 3rd Ballot as Question 3.

If you are a Sudbury resident you might be interested to look closely at Question 3 on the
November 3 ballot (see sample ballot).  It is for purchase of the unused CSX rail corridor from ¼ mi north of Rt 20 south to the Framingham town line (or the Sudbury portion of Phase 3).
Details about the purchase can be found here. Information about Question 3 is also available in the INFORMATION FOR VOTERS document put out by the Town of Sudbury.

That is this corridor of land is the continuation of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail from its currently in design southern terminus at Station Rd in Sudbury (Phase 2D) to the Framingham City line.

Whether Question 3 on the Sudbury Ballot for November 3 passes or fails is likely to have a
significant impact on whether and when the BFRT is completed through Sudbury.  Passage will secure the land as a continuous corridor, specifically for development of a rail trail. Failure of this ballot measure creates a risk that parts of the corridor could be sold in pieces, preventing a continuous pathway.

Local supporters to Sudbury Ballot Question 3 have formed a committee – you can visit their website at www.YesOnCSX.org to see their viewpoint. Those opposing this initiative also have prepared a statement that you can see here. We note that this acquisition via a yes vote on Sudbury ballot question #3 has received support from the Sudbury Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Land Acquisition Review Committee, Finance Committee, and Select Board.

Photo of the future location of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Sudbury.