BFRT Newsletter

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Fall 2019 Newsletter
Celebrate Phase 2C in Concord
Phase 2B (Rte. 2 Bridge) what’s next?
Sudbury progress update
Historic Sites Along the BFRT in Acton – Part II

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Spring 2019 Newsletter
Bringing the Trail to Framingham
Celebrate Another New Trail Section
Rte. 2 Bridge Plans Complete
25% Design Nearly Complete in Sudbury
Historic Sites Along the BFRT in Acton

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Fall 2018 Newsletter
Celebrating Phase 2A Opening
West Concord Trail Construction Update (Phase 2C)
Rt 2 Bridge Status (Phase 2B)
Sudbury Town Meeting votes to fund BF Rail Trail design
Extending the trail into Lowell

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Spring 2018 Newsletter
Phase 2A Opening
The passing of friend and founding Board Member Bob Hall of Sudbury
News from Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, and Sudbury

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Fall 2017 Newsletter
Phase 2C Concord Groundbreaking
Sudbury Progress
Chelmsford Updates

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Spring 2017 Newsletter
Phase 2C Construction Start in Concord
Phase 2A Construction Update
Memorial to Alan Cameron long-time Board Member from Carlisle
Phase 2B 25% Design Status

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Fall 2016 Newsletter
Phase 2A Progress
Sudbury Design Progresses
Phase 2B 25% Design Status

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Spring 2016 Newsletter
Phase 2A Status and Plans for
Spring / Summer 2016
Chelmsford BPAC Works with Town
on Trail Maintenance & Safety
Sudbury Seeks CPA Funds for Design
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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Ground Broken on 2A in Acton Construction Underway!
Sudbury Moves Forward
75% Design of Phase 2C in Concord
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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Phase 2A Ground Breaking Ceremony
Long time trail supporter Carol Cleven passes
Phase 2C (Concord) targeted for September 2016
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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Phase 2A Advertised for Construction!
Sudbury Chooses Contractor
Lowell & Framingham Trail News
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Spring/Summer 2014 Newsletter

Sudbury Moves Forward with Design
Phase 2A & 2B Updates
BPAC in Chelmsford
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Fall 2013 Newsletter

Sudbury Pushing Forward
Phase 2A & 2B Updates
2013: What a Year!
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Summer Supplement 2013

Next 3 Phases of Trail Recommended for Construction
Phase 2A Design being Finalized
Trail Amenities in Westford
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Spring 2013 Newsletter

With Your Support Phase 2A on Track for Spring ’14 Construction
Concord Readies for Next Phase of Design
Phase 2A Abutter Outreach
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Fall 2012 Newsletter

Phase 2A on Track for Construction
Upgrades in Chelmsford Center
Westford Trail News
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Summer 2012 Supplement

Acton, Carlisle, Westford construction update
Rt. 2 Crossing in Concord
Victory in Sudbury
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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Sudbury extension update
Enjoying the trail in Chelmsford
Westford parking update
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Fall 2011 Newsletter

Major milestones for Phase 2
Amenities along the trail
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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Phase 2 Design Progress
Visit along Phase 1
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Fall 2010 Newsletter

Success in First Season
State Funding for Phases 2A & 2C
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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Spring on the trail
Phase 2A status
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Fall 2009 Newsletter

Phase 1 Opens
Petition and funding keep the trail rolling
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Spring 2009 Newsletter

Phase 1 Progress
Ribbon Cutting News
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Fall 2008 Newsletter

Phase 1 Progress
Trail Amenities
Uniformity Committee
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Summer 2008 Supplement:

Progress made in every town
Concord River Greenway
Golden Spike III
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Spring 2008 Issue:

Phase 1 Progress
Status of Phase 2
Statwide Trail Usage Counts
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Fall 2007 Issue:

Groundbreaking October 2007!
Memberclicks Startup
Construction Begins
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Spring 2007 Issue:

Trail Update by Town
Sudbury Town Meeting Vote
Letter from Mass Highway
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Fall 2006 Issue:

Still on Target for Spring 2007 Construction Start
President’s Letter
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Spring 2006 Newsletter

Acton and Concord Updates
Sudbury and Framingham Updates
Interview with Daphne Freeman

Fall 2005 Newsletter


Spring 2005 Newsletter