August 17, 2021 – Go Outdoors 2021

This summer Westford and Carlisle are hosting an installation of “Go Outdoors 2021.” The towns are sharing works of art that transform various types of recycled doors into celebratory and intriguing works of art. A year ago the inaugural installation of 12 doors was placed on the BFRT in West Concord through the vision of Concord’s Umbrella Arts Center. A grant from FBFRT helped to fund the installation. The FBFRT Board wanted to expand the presence of such fun and surprising artwork to other towns through which the BFRT passes. Through restoration by these doors’ original artists and with help from The Umbrella, FBFRT funding has again allowed other trail users to enjoy art in unexpected places along the rail trail through October 2021. The Umbrella also is working with Lexington and Arlington on similar door installations on the Minuteman Bikeway this summer.

Photos of some of the doors on display in Westford & Carlisle.

Interactive shelves/door – Artist: Rebecca Tuck – Location: Westford
Daisy People – Artist: Caroline Provost – Location: Carlisle
Spring Birds and Magnolias – Artist: Sophy Tuttle – Location: Westford
Meet Our Neighbors – Artist: Jen Fuchel – Location: Westford