November 10, 2021 – Route 2 Bridge News and more updates in our Fall 2021 Newsletter

Work continued on Phase 2B through 2021 including the 400-foot bridge over Rte. 2 linking Concord and Acton. Four steel support beams were set in mid-July, and the concrete decking was poured in early October. The wildlife culvert under Rte. 2 has been installed, and construction of the approaches in Concord through the agricultural fields and in Acton adjacent to the State Police Horse Barn has begun. This section is expected to be open by July 2022.
In order to help assess the impact on trail usage after Phase 2B and the Rte. 2 bridge are open, the BFRT Advisory Committee, with assistance from the Friends, conducted a trail count in mid-May. Counts were conducted at two locations in Acton and three in Concord over four days. The counts involved 28 volunteers over a total of 76 hours. Almost 3,500 users were tallied, fairly evenly split between cyclists and pedestrians. The intersection of the BFRT and Rte. 62 in West Concord recorded the highest usage. Counters also observed that a number of children were using the trail to commute to school. A trail count will also be held again in May 2022 and after Phase 2B is
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