January 2, 2024 -Construction of Phase 2D in Sudbury Moves Into High Gear

Phase 2D of the BFRT runs 4.9 miles north from Station Road near Rte. 20 in Sudbury to Powder Mill Road in Concord. Construction of this section of the rail trail started in January 2023, has made excellent progress and is moving ahead of schedule. Since construction began, vegetation has been removed, rails and ties have been taken up and the corridor has been widened to accommodate the 10-foot wide paved travel surface with 2-foot shoulders.

Between April and September the rail bed was leveled and graded, and sub-base was installed in preparation for paving. The first 2.2 miles of asphalt were laid during the last week of September, from Station Road at the diamond, which marks the intersection of the BFRT and the Mass Central rail trail, to Morse Road. An additional mile of paving was laid during the second week of October, from Powder Mill Road, Concord, to Rte. 117 in Sudbury. The remaining 1.7 miles, from Rte. 117 to Morse Road, likely will not be paved in 2023 due to high water conditions. After the initial 2 ½-inch base layer of asphalt is set, the top 1 ½-inch layer of asphalt can be installed.

The old railroad bridge over Hop Brook has been removed. In August steel girders were installed across Hop Brook to support the new decking. The new wood travel surface will enhance the historic character of the bridge. The old Pantry Brook Bridge has been removed, and work is underway to rebuild the south abutment for the new bridge. In addition to the reconstruction of the two bridges, work planned over the next several months will include installation of traffic and crossing signals, parking areas, screening for abutters, safety railings, signage and other amenities. Now completion of Phase 2D of the BFRT is now being measured in months.

Two presentations with photos of the progress of the trail in Sudbury

A Visual History of the BFRT in Sudbury (Phase 2D) PDF

Phase 3 Corridor South of Route 20 PDF