Phase 2A is Advertised for Construction

On Saturday September 13, 2014 MassDOT advertised Phase 2A for bid for construction.  Estimated project value is $9,515,000.  Bids are due January 13, 2015.  Phase 2A is the 4.9 miles continuation of Phase 1 from Routes 225 and 27 in Westford, south through Carlisle into Acton ending in East Acton at Teamworks.  Given the January 2015 bid opening we can expect construction start in spring 2015 and likely construction finish in late summer / fall 2016.  Among other specifications, the project includes 6 bridge refurbishments and one overpass over Great Road / Route 2A in Acton.

Special thanks goes to Dave Shedd project manager of MassDOT for moving Phase 2A through the labyrinth of approvals, along with Town Staff from Acton, Carlisle, and Westford, and their consultant GPI.

We will have more news as we move forward to a ground-breaking event.

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View Trail Maps

Download a Phase 1 & 2A Trail Map with Parking Information here (PDF) Phase 1 (6.8 miles) in Lowell, Chelmsford, and Westford and Phase 2A (4.9 miles) in Westford, Carlisle, and Acton are open.

Download a Phase 2C Trail Map (PDF) Note: Phase 2C in Concord is not complete. For safety purposes, using the trail is prohibited until construction is completed.

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