October 21, 2017 – Concord Update

This is information from the Concord Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Advisory Committee. See the complete document here: http://www.concordma.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/10930

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Update – October 2017

Trail construction began this summer and is proceeding rapidly.

Notable progress on the BFRT in Concord:

Phase 2C – From the Commonwealth Avenue Parking Lot to Powder Mill Road
  •  Rails and railroad ties have been removed from the entire length of the trail.
  •  Nearly the entire length of the trail bed has been cleared, leveled and a first coat
    of pavement has been installed from Powder Mill Road to Williams Road;
    Williams Road to Old Marlboro road; Old Marlboro Road to the Assabet River
    and in the parking lot on Commonwealth Avenue near the prison.
  • The Powder Mill Road culvert was replaced and the road re-opened in time for
    the start of the new school year.
  • The Assabet River Bridge steel and decking has been installed.
Phase 2B – From the Commonwealth Avenue Parking lot to Acton
  • This section of the trail is in the final design phase.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.
Remember the Phase 2C section is now an active construction site!
Please stay off the trail while it is under construction!
  • Safety is a paramount concern of everyone involved.
  • Especially during working hours, the contractor has heavy machinery, vehicles
    and other equipment in use.
  • Daily progress may result in changing conditions which may be or become
    unsafe, including in-process fence installations, unsafe drop-offs, unfinished
    berms, holes, and trenches dug for multiple reasons.
  • As with any active construction site there are materials which may be: sharp, hot,
    heavy, unstable, dirty, and otherwise dangerous; along with construction
    equipment which may provide attractive hazards.
  • In addition, we are concerned that people may damage the plantings before they
    have a chance to get settled into the ground, and can make seeded areas
    unsuitable for seed germination, and can create runoff sites in soft soil.
  • In other words – please do your part and stay off the trail until the trail is finished.
  • If anyone discusses the trail with you…please tell them to stay out of the
    construction site, which is the entire trail, until the contractor has removed ALL
    indications of construction.
  • We should expect construction activity on Phase 2C ending in Spring 2019.Thanks from the Concord Bruce Freeman Rail Advisory Committee