Nov 1, 2018 – A letter from FBFRT President: Broadacres Farm in Sudbury

As a Friend of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (FBFRT), and especially, if you are a Sudbury resident you might be interested to look closely at Question 5 on the Town of Sudbury ballot (see sample ballot) for November 6th.  It is for the purchase of property by the Town of Sudbury at 82 Morse Road (a/k/a Broadacres Farm).  Details about Question 5 can be found here.

The reason you might be particularly interested, the right-of-way of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail bisects Broadacres Farm.

The Board of the FBFRT discussed question 5 and concluded it was not our place to make a recommendation on how to vote.  Nonetheless, it is the important that Friends of the BFRT are made aware of issues that will affect BFRT use.  You can see some of the discussion the use of Broadacres Farm (including parking adjacent to the trail) at Community Preservation Committee – Meeting of Oct. 3, 2018 (see the video of the meeting at approximately 15:40 for some specific references to the BFRT)

Please note, whether Question 5 passes or fails is likely to have no impact on whether the BFRT is built through Sudbury.  And in case you missed it on October 15th Sudbury Special Town Meeting voted to fund the remaining design of the BFRT from the Concord border to Route 20 (Phase 2D) for $650,000; thus making the chances that Phase 2D of the BFRT will be built in Sudbury to be very, very high.

That’s it.  Please do vote on November 6th.

Best regards,

Tom Michelman
President – Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail