February 8, 2023 – Trail status update from Sudbury

Message from the Town of Sudbury:
Here is an update on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail project as of February 8, 2023. Construction activity on Phase 2D of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail continues to progress forward. Preliminary vegetation clearing and invasive species removal has been mostly completed in the southern portion of the corridor from its intersection with Haynes Road down to the Station Road area. Rail removal will commence during the week of February 13, 2023. This work will start in the area where the corridor intersects with Hudson Road and head northward. Rails will be cut and removed in sections, and immediately followed by the installation of erosion control measures to allow additional vegetation and tie removal, and grading to get underway. Additionally, Town staff is working to coordinate with MassDOT on a groundbreaking event for the project, likely in late March of 2023.

The Planning & Community Development Department intends to post periodic project updates to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Sudbury Information page on the Town’s website. Additionally, the Planning & Community Development Department has created a Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Project Updates email list where periodic updates will be pushed out to interested parties. If you or someone you know would like to join this email list (or be removed from it), please email the Planning & Community Development Department at PCD@sudbury.ma.us.

February 2023 – Cleared trail near Route 117 in Sudbury