Rail Trail FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Trail Use Facilities
Trail Use Guidelines

Rail Trail Facilities

Where is parking available?

Authorized parking for the trail is available at the following locations:

Lowell Parking
Crosspoint Towers, 900 Chelmsford St. (Weekends and holidays Only)

Chelmsford Parking
Stop & Shop lot, 299 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford
Chelmsford Center for the Arts, 1A North Rd. (Rt. 4), Chelmsford
Chelmsford Center Artwalk, Cushing Place, Chelmsford (public restrooms, seasonal)
Municipal lot behind Santander Bank, 5 Billerica Rd (Rt. 129), Chelmsford
Byam School (off school hours), 25 Maple Rd, Chelmsford
Town Land at Heart/Baptist Pond, 2 Pond St., Chelmsford (public restrooms, seasonal)

Acton Parking
Across from 1000 Main Street (Rte. 27), Acton
NARA Park off Rte. 27, Acton (public restrooms, seasonal)
At Goulds’ Plaza (behind Donelan’s Supermarket) on Great Road (Rte. 2A), Acton (public restrooms, seasonal)
Patriot Square, 179 Great Road across from Pedal Power Bike and Ski, Acton (Weekends and holidays only) (public restroom at Pedal Power during business hours)
Ice House Pond, 120 Concord Road, Acton

Concord Parking
Commonwealth Ave, near the rotary & Concord MCI, Concord
West Concord Center, trail parking near Nashoba Brook, Concord
One handicap parking space near Williams Road, Concord

Are there public restrooms along the trail?
  • Chelmsford Center Artwalk, Cushing Place, Chelmsford (seasonal)
  • Town Land (Heart Pond), 2 Pond St., Chelmsford (seasonal)
  • Town Offices, 50 Billerica Rd., Chelmsford (M-F, except holidays)
  • Adams Public Library, 25 Boston Rd., Chelmsford (M-Sa, except holidays)
  • North Acton Parking lot (seasonal)
  • NARA Park (seasonal)
  • Near Donelan’s Parking (seasonal)
  • Pedal Power (during business hours)

In addition, some businesses welcome use of their restroom facilities. Look for posted signs on the business.

Who do I contact in the case of a non-emergency public safety issue?
    • Concord Public Works: 978-318-3220
Who do I contact in the case of a maintenance issue?
    • Concord Public Works: 978-318-3220

Rail Trail Guidelines

Which side of the trail are people supposed to walk on?

Unlike on the roads, all trail users should keep to the right-hand side of the trail.

Are there trail rules?

Trail rules are:

  • Be courteous to other trail users
  • Stop at ALL stop signs
  • Bicyclists and skaters should wear safety helmets. State law requires children 16 and younger to wear a helmet while biking.
  • Keep to the right; pass on the left
  • Use an audible signal when passing
  • Look before passing
  • Bicyclists and skaters yield to pedestrians
  • Travel at a safe speed
  • Keep pets on a short leash, remove droppings
  • When stopping do not block the trail
  • Obey all traffic control signs and signals
  • No littering — carry in, carry out
  • Respect property adjacent to the trail
  • No motorized vehicles on the trail
  • In case of emergency, dial 911.
Can I ride my adaptive bicycle or motorized wheelchair on the trail?

Yes. Motorized assistive devices (e.g., wheelchairs, “scooters”, etc) specifically designed for use by handicapped/disabled persons are allowed on the trail. A safety flag attached to such a device is recommended for increased visibility. It should have a quiet electric motor to minimize disturbances to wildlife.

Are skateboards allowed on the trail?


How do I get approval for an organized activity on the trail?

If you expect fewer than 25 people for your event, you don’t need to do anything special. If you expect to have 25 people or more participating, please fill out the event registration form and submit it as instructed on the form. The form is used to ensure event organizers have adequately planned for the event, to reduce the chance that multiple large events will be held on the same section of trail on the same day, and to provide a consistent set of questions and guidance for all municipalities impacted by the event. When you have received approval for your large event, please send an informational email to: info@brucefreemanrailtrail.org

Who maintains the trail?

The Towns have primary responsibility for maintaining the rail trail. The Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail will assist the Towns with maintenance. For information about how you can help with maintenance, please contact: info@brucefreemanrailtrail.org