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Need Volunteers for newly created Sponsorship Committee

The FBFRT Board of Directors at its Aug-8th meeting approved the creation of a Sponsorship Committee, along with defined goals and structure as a way of garnering business sponsorship. The members of the Sponsorship Committee will be in charge of the logistics of garnering, approving, and implementing sponsorship agreements, as well a fund-raising for those who have the constitution for it. I am looking for volunteers to join me on the new Sponsorship Committee. It will be great way to get more involved with the Friends without a huge time commitment.

Contact me at or 978-580-6190 if you are interested. I will make it as fun as possible.

Volunteer to be Trail Clean-Up Coordinator

We need someone to coordinate Trail Clean-ups on Phase 1. Getting volunteers for clean-up days is easy, the logistics are the work. Please help by volunteering to herd them cats for a handful of days throughout the year. Experienced Board Members will help you organize and plan. Contact me at or 978-580-6190 if you are interested.

Ongoing: Trail Clean-up along Phase 1 of the Trail in Chelmsford and Westford.

Contact; Subject: BFRT Trail Crew