Bring the Trail to Sudbury

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Extension into Sudbury

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Bringing the Trail to Sudbury.

Trail is moving south (see map below)

  • Construction complete from Lowell through Westford
  • Design underway south to Concord/Sudbury line
  • However unless Sudbury moves forward, construction in Concord will end at Powder Mill Road, and nearest on trail parking will be further north in W. Concord.

Benefits of 1/2 mile Sudbury Extension

  • Construction will continue to Route 117
  • Access to Frost Farm and Davis lands
  • Parking lot at Davis Field.
  • Connection to sidewalk along Route 117
  • Continuous trail from Sudbury to Lowell (17 miles)
  • Once the Extension is constructed it will demonstrate the benefits Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Sudbury and long-standing plans for the construction of the trail south to Route 30 in Framingham

Next step is to fund raise to Bring the Trail to Sudbury to pay for the design of the Sudbury Extension

    Some History

  • After years of study (commencing in 2004) and much delay, in June 2011 the FBFRT offered to Town of Sudbury to play for the preliminary design for the Sudbury 1/2 mile extension.
  • In spring 2012 at Town election Sudbury citizens voted more than 2:1 in a non-binding question to move forward with design on 0.5 mile northernmost section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Sudbury. The exact wording of the ballot question was “Should the Town of Sudbury move forward with designing a 0.5 mile segment of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (BFRT) in north Sudbury from Rt. 117 at Davis Field to the Concord Town border?” A result of asking the identical question at Town Meeting was passed overwhelmingly on a voice vote.
  • On August 8, 2013 the FBFRT repeated its offer with an updated cost estimate of $58,700. Download Cost Estimate PDF
  • On September 17, 2013 the Sudbury BOS accepted the FBFRT to pay for the preliminary design.

FBFRT goal is to complete fundraising by end of 2013.

Fall 2013 – Now is Time for Action and Checkwriting!!! Please Donate to Bring the Trail to Sudbury

Again, the estimated preliminary design costs are $58,700. We need your donation.

The goal is to fundraise the $58,700 by end of 2013 and then gift those moneys to the Town so they can proceed with the preliminary design. We are asking for donations from individuals, businesses, like minded charities and foundations.

To break the logjam of delays in Sudbury the FBFRT Board felt it needed to make the Bring the Trail to Sudbury offer. After years of frustratingly slow progress in Sudbury, we all —that is the FBFRT, are now in control of one step of the process to bring the BFRT to Sudbury, we are in control of fundraising the $58,700 for the preliminary design.

Completed fundraising is the binding constraint to future Sudbury progress. This 0.5 mile segment is very important.

  • for Sudbury (for details read the FAQ)
  • for future progress to Framingham
  • for Concord as the Town of Concord does not plan to build south of Powder Mill Road until construction of the 0.5 mile segment in Sudbury is assured; and
  • for all those in any community that have the desire to see the vision of the 25 miles of the BFRT from Lowell to Framingham become a reality in their lifetime.

Now is the time to donate money to the Bring the Trail to Sudbury Fund.
Donate Online ( Choose “Trail to Sudbury Fund” on donation page)

or mail your donation to:

Bring the Trail to Sudbury
P.O. Box 61
Sudbury, MA 01776

(make check payable to: Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail)

To learn about this effort or for sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Tom Michelman,


Dick Williamson

Trail Extension to Sudbury