Phase 1 Construction Photos

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail  under construction 2008/2009
The section of trail under construction extends from the Lowell/Chelmsford line near Cross Point, through Chelmsford Center, to the intersection of Route 27 and Route 225 in Westford. Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Construction August 2008Cat on rail trail under construction in Chelmsford in August 2008.

Chelmsford Rail Trail Construciton October 2008 Rail Trail construction at the ball fields along Rt. 110 in downtown Chelmsford.
Bridge Work on Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Reconstructed bridge showing new concrete wingwalls and deck with pre-existing granite abutments.  The granite abutments were repointed.
Railings and curbing will be installed after the trail surface is completed. Taken in Chelmsford in October 2008.
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Begins in Lowell Where new and old meet. Entrance to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail at the Lowell/Chelmsford town line. Rt. 3 goes over the tunnel.  The Middlesex Canal once ran through this area. The Greenway Connector Trail will head off to the left, through the parking lot in the foreground.  The tunnel for the BFRT was constructed as part of the Rt. 3 widening project and was completed in 2006. Taken in October 2008.
Rail Trail Construction, Chelmsford, MA Picture from Route 110 in Chelmsford looking towards Westford.  The rail trail will run along the sidewalk behind the photographer.  The railroad mile post in the foreground shows 3 miles to the switchyard in Lowell.  The graded rail trail with curbing is protected by chain link fence in the middle of the picture.  The roof of Old Town Hall and the steeple of the Unitarian Universalist church and flagpole on the town common are in the background.  Village Square is to the right.  The rail trail runs behind Old Town Hall, which is in the downtown historic district.  Taken October 2008.
December 2008 Ice Storm on the Trail December 2008
ice storm on a section of the trail in South Chelmsford
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Rail Trail in Westford, MA Rail Trail late July 2009 in Westford
Rail Trail Westford MA Rail Trail late July 2009 in Westford