The Trail So Far

The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a work in progress. The proposed trail from Lowell to Framingham is divided into three phases. Each phase is being developed by the communities through which is passes and with funds directed to each phase.

PHASE 1 begins in Chelmsford at the Lowell/Chelmsford line, near Cross Point, passes through Chelmsford Center, and ends at Rt. 225 in Westford. This part of the trail covers a stretch of 6.8 miles. Phase 1 is now open, more information is available here.
Download a Phase 1 trail brochure (PDF)
Information about the Phase 1 Contruction is available here. Pictures of the Phase 1 Ribbon cutting are available here.

PHASE 2 continues through Westford and goes through the communities of Carlisle, Acton, Concord and a portion of Sudbury, covering a stretch of 13.1 miles.
From north to south they are:

  • Westford – Phase 2A, currently under construction.
  • Carlisle, Phase 2A, currently under construction.
  • Acton, Phase 2A, currently under construction. Phase 2B (bridge over Rte. 2) 25% design
  • Concord, Phase 2B (bridge over Rte. 2) 25% design, Phase 2C currently under construction
  • Sudbury, Phase 2D, working towards 25% design

For additional information on the Acton, Carlisle, and Westford section of Phase 2, view this update.

Additional information about the Route 2 crossing (Phase 2B in Acton and Concord) is available here.

For additional information on the Concord section of Phase 2, view this update.

PHASE 3 completes the trail going through Sudbury and Framingham for a total of 4.6 miles. The State’s Central Transportation Planning Staff recently completed a study of this section of the trail corridor. The study concluded that the trail is definitely feasible. Efforts are underway to acquire the right-of-way from the railroad company CSX.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Framingham Brochure
Information about the trail in Framingham
Download PDF

Concord River Greenway, Connector Trail extends the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail north from the end of Phase 1 into Lowell. The feasibility of this trail is being investigated by the City of Lowell, Northern Middlesex Council of Governments, and Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust. View information on the Concord River Greenway Project

View maps for the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
Download a Phase 1 Trail Map with Parking Information here (PDF) Phase 1 is in Lowell, Chelmsford, and Westford.

Download a Phase 2C Trail Map (PDF) Note: Phase 2C in Concord is not complete. For safety purposes, using the trail is prohibited until construction is completed.